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A well deserved vacation.


Everything was hunky-dory between us till that one particular weekend. Normally, he would walk in to the house, stretch his arms out to engulf me in a giant hug and smother me with kisses. However, that Friday he came home in a hurry and all I got that evening was a ‘Hi’. What followed tore me apart even more. He was packing his bags – few shorts, some T-Shirts, his shoes, the beloved camera, a pair of binoculars, some toiletries and so on. From the look of it I knew that he was headed for a weekend trip.


A few calls post that just confirmed that he was off for a trip with the boys. All the time that he was on calls with his friends, he was just complaining about a long pending break that he wanted from work and home and that he was so looking forward to this trip. My heart sank! A break from home?? What was it that was bothering him at home?


Unlike him, I do not have work or friends to keep me company or take my mind off things otherwise. My day begins with warm cuddles and hugs from him and ends too snuggling up to him and falling asleep in his arms. I look forward to our morning walks together because I enjoy that time I spend with him and the envious looks I get from the others. There are days when I don’t eat a proper meal once he is off to work because I just don’t have the mind for it. Some days am sitting at the porch and aimlessly staring into nothing hoping I’ll see him return sooner. I love it when he treats me to special spa packages on some weekends or we just go sit in a café spending a good couple of hours by ourselves or with some friends at times. I never mind the fact that every other Saturday friends of his land up at home to catch up on a match or just party. I know that my time with him is compromised but he more than makes up for it on Sunday by just cuddling up with me on the couch watching TV the whole day. I also know that he just loves this attention he gets from me. My heart, my mind and my soul are so wrapped up around him that I cannot think of a world without him. And now he is off for a trip with his friends, without me!!! 🙁


Am I not eligible for a trip? Don’t I deserve a break too?


Just as all kinds of thoughts start creeping into my mind and I start sulking in one corner of the house, he creeps up behind me, engulfs me in one big hug and tells me to get ready for a vacation. I turn around and what do I see? My food, my clothing and my bedding all packed to head out for the weekend with him. I threw myself on him and smothered him with the sloppiest kisses he had ever gotten from me. We were headed to a place that is pet friendly and that loves hosting the likes of me, a German Shepherd. A comfortable cottage, some special food for me and terrains that I could run around and frolic on endlessly is what he promised me as we drove to pick up some friends that were accompanying us.


Everything surely was hunky-dory between us till that one particular weekend but now…. It’s simply awesome! I couldn’t have been more in love with him! 🙂

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