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Mugilu Sakleshpur Homestay

Walk away, take a break. You deserve it!

Four hours is what it takes to discover or rather rediscover yourselves and your loved ones. At Mugilu! It gives you a full 24 hours to watch every minute detail of life around you. No sounds of the coffee vending machine or the laptops in your office or the washing machines or vessels at home. Just the blissful sound of pure uninterrupted nature!

We are not a homestay per se. We are a plantation stay, which means we have four individual cottages (one on top of our house) built on stilts and are well spaced offering every family their privacy without intrusions. Of course we do live in the same property and are just a call or a shout away. One important thing – We operate exclusively for families and couples and no exceptions on that.

trans_pet_friendly_HomestayMugilu is a 10 acre coffee and pepper planation with a few fruit trees and plants and loads of other trees like Red Cedar, Nandi, Silver Oak, Casuarina to name a few. We are located in a small hamlet away from even Sakleshpur town on the slope of a hill overlooking a valley and the Western Ghats. Being a part of one of the 24 Bio- Diversity Hotspots of the World, we encourage only the responsible traveller who respects nature. If you believe in not littering or not contributing to the already existing pollution, Mugilu is the place to be. You are also welcome to bring a sapling of your own and plant it at our property as a gesture to give back to nature.

In these serene surroundings of Mugilu, you have ample opportunities for bird and butterfly watching – both endemic and migratory. We have a wonderful mix of seasons, with each season offering a different story and a hue to the place. Come over and we can give a download of all that and much more!

How did Mugilu come about?
Well, about 5 years ago we decided to give up the rat race in the city to live a dream both of us have been nurturing since childhood and we were lucky enough to have found each other to make this dream a possibility. Both of us quit our respective successful careers in Bangalore to start afresh here. And boy! What a journey it has been. Extremely fruitful, and the adventure still continues…

When we started 7 years ago, we decided not to chop any trees and to leave the soil and the plantation completely natural. Yes, our produce at Mugilu is hundred percent natural (not even organic) and that includes us too! No pretenses, no false promises.

We have a wonderful staff who help us provide for a warm and hospitable stay here. Mahantesh, Khalak, Sunita, Manju and now the lil Kavita help us manage our estate and the facilities. Like us, they have also gotten away from big cities to be a part of our plans. At Mugilu, you will always feel a part of the family. Chervo, Shunti and Keechu, our pets complete the Mugilu family.


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March 7, 2014