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resort styled homestay in sakleshpur


Accommodation Related Questions

How many people can be accommodated in a cottage?
Our cottages are single room cottages built on stilts with a large bathroom and a balcony. They are ideal for couples and small families. If you make a booking for 4 adults in a single cottage, we provide extra mattresses with foldable cots.

Is there a kitchenette in the cottage?
No, we do not have one. Your package includes all meals served at the common dining area.

Do you have a TV and AC in the cottages?
No we do not. Nature offers ample opportunities to pass time and be one with yourself and your family. Room temperatures here rarely exceed 24 degrees even in peak summer and with a gentle breeze blowing most of the time there is no requirement for an AC.

resort styled homestay in sakleshpur


More Accommodation Related Questions

Are the cottages bug free?
No guarantees on that. We regularly fumigate our cottages with eco friendly pesticides but do remember, you are in their habitat and not the other way round.

Do you have back up power?
Yes we do have back up which will last up to 3 hours during which time basic lights and one plug point in the cottage will work.

Do you have 24 hours running hot water?
No we do not. Running hot water will be provided between 07:30 am and 10:00 am. In case you require it at any other time, you have to let our staff know at least 1 hour in advance.

resort styled homestay in sakleshpur


Travel Related Questions

How are the road conditions to Mugilu? Will my car make it to your place?
The first 180 km of the national highway is great with 4-6 lane toll roads. The next 40 km is a smooth 2 lane road followed by a 7.5 km single lane state highway (SH 27) recently tarred, The last 1.5 km is a mud and gravel road, which calls for some cautious driving. Of course, all cars have made it comfortably to Mugilu !! We’d like to think that the roads leading to Mugilu are a better drive than the ones you would normally take to Office within the city.

How long does it take to reach Mugilu?
It takes 4.5 hours from Bangalore depending on the driving, number of breaks you take and most importantly the time taken in and out of Bangalore.

resort styled homestay in sakleshpur


Activity Related Questions

Do you have any activities at Mugilu?
Mugilu is a place to relax, do nothing, be one with nature or yourselves. We do not have any activities as such. However, if you are the kinds who like to explore nature, there are tons of trails that you could take. These trails lead to the most picturesque surroundings that make for great photographs.

What are the activities for children?
We do not have any special activities for children. Most children, who have visited Mugilu, have found a play home in nature and have discovered new and different things that are not available in the city.

resort styled homestay in sakleshpur


Food Related Questions

What kind of food is served at Mugilu?
We serve a preset buffet at our common dining area. The menu will include a mix of local, south and north Indian dishes. All items are home cooked and served fresh.A sweet dish is part of the menu during lunch only. At dinner, a soup is part of the menu. For the non-vegetarians, we serve only chicken and egg. We have a limited menu for snacks, orders for which have to be placed at least 3 hours in advance or before 5:00 pm. Orders for snacks will not be taken after 05:00 pm.

Buffet timings:
Breakfast:   08:30 – 10:00 am
Lunch:        01:00 – 02:30 pm
Dinner:       08:30 – 10:00 pm

resort styled homestay in sakleshpur


Property Related Questions

How safe is Mugilu? 
Our 10-acre property is completely power fenced and secure. We have ample parking for your vehicles as well.

Are there any medical facilities? 
We stock basic first aid. However, if you need any special medication, please carry them along with you. The nearest PHC is located 6 km away and the nearest hospital is about 15 km away in Sakleshpur town.

Are there leeches at Mugilu?
Yes!!! There are leeches during the monsoon months. In case of a phobia, ensure you carry mosquito repellent cream/ lotions which ward off the leeches quite effectively.

Are there snakes?
You are visiting a nature friendly place and snakes are an important member of this ecosystem. Your chances of encountering one are rare. FYI, we have not come across any venomous ones in the last 8 years. A book on the snakes of India, which we have in our mini library, will make an interesting read.

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