A Sakleshpur Homestay with independent cottages exclusively for families!

The Cottages

Our homestay cottages in Sakleshpur are built with love, and above all, by those who love to travel. Individual cottages for small families and a larger “family room” for family groups. Undoubtedly, you’ll love them – simple, homely, private and peaceful.

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years since inception


Nature preserved and pet friendly

Nature Loving & above all, a Pet Friendly homestay in Sakleshpur

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We love to see pet parents bring their fur babies for a holiday and we encourage it. Most importantly, NO deposits and NO extra charges for boarding your pets.

Nature preserved_pet_friendly_Homestay

We pride ourselves on maintaining the surroundings as natural as possible. As a result, a walk around will let you see some rare native trees of the Western Ghats.

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Bird watcher's PARADISE

Treat yourselves to vivid colors and over 130 + species of birds that have been spotted at Mugilu, both endemic and migratory. Unsurprisingly, a lot of our guests spot these just sitting out of the cottages. 

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A selection of the finest from the region. Honey, home made wines, coffee from the estates, spices and even some natural body care products. Pretty obvously, a super hit with our guests.

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Rates for the cottages at our homestay in Sakleshpur

Call us/WhatsApp us on the number given below or write to us on the email IDs listed below and we’ll happily take you through the options and/or offers we have for the season.

Chandan Gurukar


We have three of our own – doggies. No wonder, you’d say. Bring yours along, they deserve to experience the natural surroundings of Mugilu, the western ghats and sakleshpur. Invariably, your pets may find a friend or two here..

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What Our Guests Say

Here is just some of what our guests tell us

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Ruth and Sudhakar

We personally love it for the colour theme running in the cottages, which obviously makes for such a lovely colour play in the mornings.


The cottages and their placements ensure privacy and a brilliant view of the estate. Furthermore, the sounds of nature you wake up to are just amazing. It’s more than a homestay in Sakleshpur.


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Aparna Bhagavatula

Mugilu is a birder’s paradise ! If you are a patient photographer, you will most likely be rewarded with some good shots . Else if you are happy to watch the birds through a binoculars, you have certainly reached the right place.

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Nidhi & Vivek

The place is serene and something out of a page in heaven. Furthermore, the cottages overlook into thick green forest land and there’s a beautiful meadow close by that is a perfect spot to watch the sun set. The food, the ambience and the hospitality in terms of personal attention we got from every member of the staff including Sapna and Chandan has been undoubtedly impeccable. They take a lot of care for the vision they want to create for Mugilu and it’s apparent in the way they manage the place, their staff and their three adorable mutts (who also make sure to be at their hospitable best :)) It’s a must visit if you are looking for a quick get away from the city’s crazy hustle bustle and enjoy some peace and calm. 

Gallery and Sights around Mugilu, Sakleshpur


Manjarabad Fort

A unique Star fort built by Tipu Sultan in 1792. Barely 15 minutes away and a hotspot tourist attraction in this region. Click for Map


Shettihalli Church

A semi submerged church built in the 1860s by French Missionaries. A mere 45 minutes drive from our sakleshpur homestay. 

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Mallali falls_pet_friendly_Homestay

Mallalli Falls

Located at the foot of the Pushpagiri Hills, these falls are created when the River Kumaradhara flows down from over 200 feet creating a mesmerising scene. It’s just about an hour’s drive from Mugilu.
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Bisle View Point

This view point offers a breath taking view of the mountain ranges of 3 districts in Karnataka. Merely an hour’s drive from our homestay in Sakleshpur.

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Patla Betta_pet_friendly_Homestay

Patla Betta

Located close to Bisle ghat, this hillock commands a majestic views of the Western ghats combining the three districts of Hassan, Dakshina kannada and Kodagu.  A lovely 45 minute drive on winding roads  takes you to the base of the hill. Just park your car & enjoy the 30 min hike to the hilltop. Click for map

Honnamana kere_pet_friendly_Homestay

Honnamana kere

A lake with breathtaking scenes and amazing photographic opportunities. It is surrounded by beautiful hills, cliffs and huge expanses of coffee plantations creating a beautiful natural setting. In contrast, two hills named Gavi Betta and Mori Betta also cover the Lake. Distance of 40km from Mugilu and drive time of 1 hr.

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What you need to know before you book our Homestay in Sakleshpur

no wifi_pet_friendly_Homestay

No Television, Air Conditioning or WiFi

We have created an environment for you to spend time with yourself and your family. There is certainly no better way to experience time and nature.

No plastic_pet_friendly_Homestay

Save the environment, please don't litter

This is a clean environment. As such we try to keep this litter free and expect our guests to do so too. Furthermore, single use plastics, straws etc are a no-no. 


Power Outage

Power outages are common here. However, to make your stay comfortable, we do have back up inverters and a generator

Signal strength_pet_friendly_Homestay

Cellphone Connectivity

Airtel and BSNL work well in this area. Vodafone, Idea and Jio are probably a little patchy.

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